Bronchos Fall to Warriors at Bricktown

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Central High’s Bronchos had the unique opportunity to play at Bricktown Ballpark on Saturday, facing the Maysville Warriors in a solid bout that had Central High leading until the 5th inning.

Riley Scott toed the rubber for five innings, followed by Bryson Johnson for two.

The Bronchos got on the scoreboard first, with Landon Burton scoring on a dropped fly ball to right field hit by Teague Prather.

Caden Covington scored next in the third after a hot line drive double to left that put him into scoring position for Scott’s RBI. Alex Allen’s line drive double to left brought Johnson in brought the Bronchos to 3-0 over the Warriors going into the fourth.

Both teams’ defense kicked in until the bottom of the fifth, when a line drive to center hit by Blanchard brought in two, followed by a fly to right field that scored another to tie it at 3-3.

A scoreless sixth inning led to a tense seventh, with errors on Maysville that looked to put Central High in scoring position. The Maysville defense turned two on a line drive to third, followed by a pop fly to center that closed out the Bronchos’ chance to pull ahead.

Maysville had two outs against them when they scored the winning run on an error at first, bringing the Warriors up 4-3 to finish.

The remainder of the regular season will be rescheduled when the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activity Association determines how to proceed after public school activities resume.