OHCE Members Recognized for “OHCE Week”

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

The Stephens County Commissioners declared this week to be “OHCE Week” in appreciation of the work of the Oklahoma Home Community Education organization, which was established in 1935 to provide continuing education in home and community life.

OHCE, through its relationship with Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, offers monthly learning opportunities, leadership development, and community service projects for its members. Based at Oklahoma State University, the Cooperative Extension Service has Extension Educators in each county.

Stephens County is represented by Brenda Gandy-Jones, who addressed the Commissioners at their meeting on Monday.

“We think of [our members] as being at the County fair and baking pies, but they volunteer throughout the year, and this is one week that we recognize them for all they do,” Gandy-Jones said.

“Especially this year, I want to recognize them, that they have been making masks…at the last count I turned in on Friday of last week they had made 5,155 masks and donated them across most of Stephens County.”

She said that there are over 3,000 members in the state, and that state-wide the OHCE members had made over 35,000 masks.

“If there is a need that they can help us with they’re always there.”

The Proclamation signed by the Commissioners reads, in part:

“WHEREAS, We believe the family is the catalyst of our society; And

WHEREAS, The stability of the family is the primary purpose of society; And

WHEREAS, The Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE) is a strong influence; And…

WHEREAS, We agree to recognize this great responsibility, and this state-wide organization’s outstanding contribution to ‘flattening the curve’ of the COVID-19 crisis in Oklahoma by giving of their time, talent, fabric, and sewing skills to create over 35,000 personal protection masks for the safety of fellow citizens,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Oklahoma Home and Community Education of Stephens County proclaims the period commencing May 3, 2020 and ending May 9, 2020 as “Oklahoma Home and Community Education Week.”

For more information about OHCE, contact Brenda Gandy-Jones at Brenda.gandy@okstate.edu.