Council Accepts Davis’s Resignation; Prater Steps in as Mayor

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Marlow City Council members are seldom hesitant to vote in favor of an agenda item, but it happened at Tuesday evening’s meeting when Mayor Brian Davis asked the Council to approve his resignation, effective immediately.

Davis said that he has accepted employment that prohibits employees from having political affiliations.

“I argued with them, and said, ‘Hey, there’s 4500 people here and 4400 of them don’t know, nor do they care who their mayor is,’” Davis said. “I feel bad having to do this. Two and a half years ago…I made a commitment to serve a full term, and I hate that I can’t fulfill that commitment.

“Career-wise, doing what’s best for me and my family, this is the move I’ve got to make.”

Davis said that he had no doubt that the city would find an excellent replacement.

Members of the Council reluctantly voted to accept Davis’s resignation, after which he exited Council chambers and Vice Mayor Jeff Prater was appointed to that position. Prater then assumed charge of the remainder of the meeting.

A later agenda item allowed for discussion of appointing a new Vice Mayor; City Administrator Jason McPherson said that the Council could table the item until next month if they would like to take time to consider whom should take the position. Councilman Joe Marcano said that he would volunteer to do so.

During the meeting, the Council also heard an annual report for the Garland Smith Public Library by Tina Bennett. The report is required by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and also determines state aid.

Bennett’s report not only includes the number of materials available both in the library and online, as well as explains programming and usage data. Bennett said that the library is issuing library cards to all area students for online-only access.

“It’s another resource that, if schools get shut down, would be very helpful to students,” Bennett said.

Even though the library was closed for three months due to COVID-19, circulation numbers were not significantly affected, Bennett said. She also said that a total of 19,000 books were checked out last year.

“I’m always impressed with the numbers you show,” Prater commented after the report was concluded. “The numbers are outstanding; that’s incredible. It’s something to be proud of.”

The Council approved a request by Tandy Banks and Ryan Bell to allow the 100 block of Second Street to be closed for an event in the area on October 10 of this year.

Banks explained that they planned to host a family-friendly event on that date that would include 10-20 vendors, live music, and games.

“We’re calling it ‘Second on Second,’” Banks explained. “The intention is to have it the second Saturday in October on Second Street.”

During the Marlow Municipal Authority meeting, the Trustees awarded a bid for transmission pole replacement in Phase 2 of the project to WCCI Power for $75,875.00. McPherson explained that the same company had replaced the first five poles, and had come within $250 of that bid to do the second five replacements out of a total of 39.

The Trustees also approved the purchase of a 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 four-wheel drive pickup for the Water Department and a 2021 Ford F-150 four-wheel drive pickup for the Electric Department, both from funds left from the automatic metering project that need to be spent. McPherson said the vehicles would be delivered in January.