"Who Murdered Who?" At Marlow High

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Marlow High School drama department will perform the first play of the year, “Who Murdered Who?” at the Marlow High School auditorium this weekend. Student matinees are October 9 and the public performance is Saturday, October 10 at 7pm.

The cast includes Savanah Triplett, Elena Holguin, Matthew Derichsweiler, Morgan Warren, Gracious McMains, Bryce Duncan, Melissa Cooper, and Karsten Terrell. Understudies Jaiden Standridge and Aubrey Topping will perform in the Friday matinee. Other understudies are Jordan Brown, Payton Ortega, Tyler Hertzler, and Jamie Hart. The Stagecraft class includes several of the actors as well as Maya Cantwell, Jessica Hendrix, Kylie Fisher, McKenna Travis, Zach Griffith, Yadira Ramirez, Noah Vanston, Maggie Hammond, Mikaylee Ribble, and Braeden Whaley. Lights and Sound by Tyler Hertzler; Stage Manager is Aubrey Topping. Jaiden Standridge is the Student Director for this production.