Outlaw Runners Stepping Up to Prep for Regionals

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Marlow Boys’ and Girls’ varsity cross country teams are bound for Regionals this weekend in Waurika after successful performances in Elgin on Friday, where both Marlow teams came in sixth overall, the Outlaws with an average 5K time of 18:07.86 and the Lady Outlaws with an average 2 mile time of 14:47.60.

“Nearly every boy had their best time of the year and for most, it was a lifetime best,” said assistant coach Matt Ivory. “This was our last meet before the post-season so it was important to solidify our team and build some more confidence.”

Ivory said that Noah Davis will be back next week for regionals, and that the team had firmed up the regional lineup including Tyler Brown, Tyler McKinley, Luke Tolle, Lucas Morton, Caleb Sloan, and Gage Davoult. Alternates for the varsity post-season are Jake Waller and Ean Hewitt.

Ivory credited other runners on the team for the season’s success as well.

“Many of our runners completed their season on a great note,” Ivory said. “They include Lane Johnson, Bryson Hughes, Daniel Aguilar, Caleb Baade, Cody Davis, Jaxen Davis, Braxton Ramsey, Jarrod Herndon, Ruger Stuart, Noah Vanston, Damion Dedmon, and Kade Sullivan.

“There is no way that this group would be in the position they are in without the environment created by a truly awesome group of guys. Each of them contributes to our success.”

The Lady Outlaws’ top seven for regionals are Korie Kizarr, Grace Banks, Skylar Ramsey, Lauren Ivory, LeAnne Riddle, Bristin Smith, and Myleah Bearce.

Head coach Mikey Eaves said the Elgin meet was tough for the Lady Outlaws after one team member – Kyah Blundell – was absent due to injury last week.

“With the team not having one of their own, they knew they had to step up for each other to have a shot at something big this year,” Eaves said. “I believe if there ever was a team that could step up to the challenge it would be this year’s team.”

Eaves said that Kizarr had run her best race so far this year at Elgin, and that he anticipates Banks and Ramsey will make “big showings” at regionals and state.

“We are young and inexperienced,” Eaves said, “but all the girls have a huge heart of each other and the willingness to do what it takes to help each other accomplish what they want to accomplish.”

The Marlow boys are ranked third in the state in class 3A going into the regional meet on Saturday, and the girls are at sixth in their class.


Elgin Invitational

Marlow High School Varsity Boys – 5K Run

19 – Tyler Brown 17:34.01

24 – Tyler McKinley 17.45.32

28 – Luke Tolle 17:52.63

52 – Lucas Morton 18:40.44

59 – Caleb Sloan 18:46.93

65 – Gage Davoult 19:08.26

75 – Jake Waller 19:38.92

Marlow High School Girls – 2 Mile Run

1 – Korie Kizarr 12:53.51

15 – Grace Banks 14:22.37

27 – Skylar Ramsey 14:50.53

41 – Lauren Ivory 15:46.54

48 – Leanne Riddle 15:59.06

56 – Bristin Smith 16:20.81

61 – Myleah Bearce 16:51.93

Marlow High School JV Boys – 5K Run

5 – Kade Sullivan 19:15.98

8 – Ean Hewitt 19:31.68

14 – Cody Davis 20:00.64

15 – Lane Johnson 20:07.89

16 – Noah Vanston 20:19.50

21 – Jarrod Herndon 20:59.86

22 – Caleb Baade 21:01.46