Donation Funds Library Hot Spots

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Garland Smith Public Library recently received a $2500 donation, and librarian Tina Bennett and staff said that they wanted to use the funds to benefit area students who must learn virtually due to quarantine or school closures.

With the funds, the library purchased four internet hot spots that are available for checkout.

“Some kids have to quarantine because they or a family member have been exposed to COVID, but they don’t always have internet access at home,” Bennett said. “Our wifi here at the library is always on, 24/7, but not everyone wants to just hang out in the car or on a bench outside.

“Hot spots can be used by anyone who needs to get on the internet but doesn’t have access at home.”

Each hot spot must be checked out by a library card holder who is over 18 years of age. Checkout duration is 7 days.

Bennett said that the funds will be used to keep the hot spots active through the end of the school year, and that if demand continues there are more funds available for extending the program or adding additional units.

For more information about using the library’s hot spots, contact Garland Smith Public Library at 580-658-5354.