Memorial Day Observed Throughout County

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Veterans’ Organizations, including the Stephens County Honor Guard and American Legion post, held Memorial Day ceremonies throughout Stephens County on Monday to honor those who lost their lives in service to the United States.

The first ceremony was in Comanche at 10am, followed by services in Duncan at noon and in Marlow at 2pm. At each stop, wreaths were laid in honor of each branch of the military. The Honor Guard played Taps and presented a gun salute at each location.

It was a chilly and wet Memorial Day, but the weather could not put a damper on the crowds that gathered to acknowledge the sacrifice of those who died for their country.

In his remarks in Duncan, State Representative Marcus McEntire said that despite the many who see the holiday as a celebration, it should not be.

“Memorial Day is not a celebration,” McEntire said. “It is not a day for recognizing veterans; it is a day to come together to solemnly contemplate the cost paid for our freedoms and the lives of those who sacrificed them willingly.”

McEntire emphasized the importance of stepping outside of individual struggles and consider the impact of those who made “the ultimate sacrifice” paid by those being remembered.

“We really need a day like today,” he said. “A day to stop, reset, and get outside our own little worlds and to remember those [who] fought and who have sacrificed their futures so we ould enjoy our present…Remembering is important because we are defined by our past.”

McEntire also acknowledged the pain of those who mourn the loss of a friend or family member.

“Some of us do not have a choice; Memorial Day occurs every day,” McEntire said. “The thought of a lost son, daughter, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin, or friend is never far away…our prayers are with you and we owe you our support, condolences and sympathy.”