Betty DeAnn Weidmann

June 24, 2021

Betty DeAnn Weidmann, Born July 13, 1965 Formerly of Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Wohlen

(Switzerland) and Marlow, Oklahoma.

DeAnn wanted to notify all those she loved and were friends with here on Earth that she moved on to Eternal Life on March 25, 2021 and now resides in Heaven. Her dream home is surrounded with peace, love, good health, and happiness for eternity. She is spending her time there praising God her creator, testing her wings, jumping on clouds and enjoying the reunions with those that have moved on before her. DeAnn’s mother Janet Louise Prater of Marlow, Ok moved to Heaven December 2017. DeAnn’s sister Jana Renee (Hardisty) Griffith of Seminole, Ok and Marlow, moved to Heaven June 2015. DeAnn’s grandmother Edith (Seawright) Prater Edwards of Marlow, Ok, moved to Heaven December 1972. DeAnn’s grandfather Noah Nathal (Hoss) Prater moved to Heaven April 1952 and grandpa George Edwards, both of Marlow, Ok moved to Heaven December 1983. Loving and missing DeAnn here at her old address are: Her loving Husband, Peter Arthur Weidmann and their children Lucas Reiner Weidmann and Bryan Markus Weidmann all of Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Her father in law in law, Arthur Weidmann and mother in law, Ruth Monika Weidmann of Buttikon, Switzerland. Her aunt Betty Jane Roberts of Lakewood, Colorado Urs Heinrich Weidmann, brother in law and wife, Claudia Weidmann. Their daughter Anika Weber, and son Jan Weidmann. All of Magenwil, Switzerland. Michael Heinz Weidmann, brother in law and wife, Mayte Weidmann. Their son Nicholas Weidmann, a daughter Vanessa Weidmann. All of Berikon, Switzerland. Jeff Griffin, brother in law and husband of the late Jana Renee Griffin. Their daughter Paige Griffin, and son Lane Griffin. All of Seminole Ok. Family and friends remaining here will miss her and her wittiness very much. DeAnn always knew her home in Heaven was being prepared for her and wanted to ensure everyone that by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior, that you too can get keys to Heaven and see her again one day, but there is no hurry to get there. Cherish your friends and family here on Earth. Hug, laugh and love often, and be the reason someone smiles today. DeAnn would like you to know that you can reach her any time through a simple prayer or song. She sends her love and wants you to remember to celebrate life, always!

Graveside service will be July 9, 2021 at 11 am in the North Section of Marlow Cemetery, followed by a luncheon gathering at Redbud Park. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation we will use to create a prayer area memorial in DeAnn’s name at City United Church in Lunenburg, MA. Donations can also be made to our online obituary at https;//