One in Custody After Attempted Theft, Kidnapping

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

A Tulsa man is in custody at the Stephens County Jail after allegedly attempting to steal a vehicle with a five-week old infant inside on Tuesday evening.

According to Marlow Police Chief Leroy Walker, Johnathan Sexton, 32, was arrested on charges of attempted theft of a vehicle and attempted kidnapping.

Walker said that a Chickasha woman was leaving a local restaurant at approximately 8pm and put the infant in a carrier in the back seat. When the woman turned to speak to a family member, the suspect allegedly entered the vehicle and started to drive away.

Walker said that the woman jumped in front of the vehicle to prevent the suspect from leaving the parking lot.

“She told [the suspect], ‘You can take the van but you can’t take my baby,’” Walker said. “The suspect looked in the back seat, saw the baby, then took off on foot.”

Officer Tim Fitzpatrick responded to the emergency call and apprehended the suspect on Second Street and Legion Drive.

Walker said that Sexton admitted to the attempted theft and did not resist arrest.

“[Sexton] has warrants in Tulsa County,” Walker said. “He’s been here in Marlow for three or four days, maybe as long as a week. This guy saw an opportunity and he took it.”

Walker added that residents can help by keeping an eye out for activity that is suspicious.

“People need to be aware…we think Marlow is a safe place, and it is, but this happened in daylight hours. We need to pay attention to what we’re doing. If you see something, give Marlow Police a call so we can check it out.”

No injuries or damage to the vehicle were reported.