Morgan Signs Letter with OU

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

The Sooners officially gained an Outlaw on Wednesday as Marlow High School senior Brennan Morgan signed a letter of intent to play baseball for the University of Oklahoma.

Morgan committed to OU after being approached by the school the summer before his sophomore year. The offer came on his birthday and he made his decision three days later.

“It’s a dream come true,” Morgan said. “I’ve always been a big OU fan and always wanted to go watch them…God works His ways and it’s definitely awesome.”

Marlow High School head baseball coach John Morgan said that his son’s success was due to hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

“It’s a special privilege just to get to play in college, period, but to get to do it at OU, a dream school of his, was outside of what I could have ever imagined,” Coach Morgan said. “It’s kind of a dream day.”

Coach Morgan said that the Sooners were gaining a strong, detail-oriented player.

“They’re going to get a kid that’s very tough…he’s a tough, determined kid and I think that goes a long way. He’s also very diligent. He pays attention to the small details and that’s going to get him the chance to move on,” Coach Morgan said. “He’s got some talent, but he works very hard to improve his craft.”

Coach Morgan added that getting to the collegiate level required sacrifice as well.

“This is a culmination of all of the things he’s worked for. What you don’t see is the sacrifice and the late nights…the time he’s sacrificed going out and doing other things,” Coach Morgan said.

Morgan is not only a talented baseball player but is an essential part of the Marlow High School football team. Coach Morgan said that being a multi-sport athlete is desirable to collegiate athletics and helped solidify Brennan’s value to the school.

“I have not come across a successful collegiate baseball program that does not value the multi-sport athlete,” Coach Morgan said. “You’re competing in different areas and using your body to compete in different ways, and mentally, you’re sharp.

“You look at all the guys who’ve been really successful, they’ve managed their time, they’ve honed their craft, and a lot of those guys have played multiple sports and we do that [at Marlow],” Coach Morgan said.

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