Burn Ban in Effect for County

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

At Monday’s regular meeting, the Stephens County Board of Commissioners voted to proclaim a burn ban for the County at the request of Stephens County Emergency Manager Gary Curtis.

The resolution cites “extreme fire danger” in Stephens County, as verified by a majority of municipal and rural fire chiefs in the county.

“By virtue of this resolution, it is unlawful for any person to set fire to any forest, grass, range, crop, or other wildlands, or to build a campfire or bonfire, or to burn trash or other material that may cause a forest, grass, range, crop, or other wildlands fire,” the resolution states.

Exceptions to the burn ban include equipment related to road construction projects, such as equipment that uses propane or other controlled fuels and welding, cutting torch, or grinding jobs.

Road construction projects that may be required to have a water pumper on standby when fuels are used near a grass right-of-way. Welding or cutting torch activities are allowed only on a non-combustible surface and with the use of welding blankets or screens over flammable vegetation, and only when wind speeds are less than 20 miles per hour and a separate fire watch person is on site with a fire extinguisher.

Enforcement of the resolution may be carried out by any member of law enforcement and carries with it a fine of up to $500 and/or up to one year in prison.

The resolution is effective immediately for up to two weeks; it may be removed at any time.

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