Missing Bristle Hosts MHS Art Students

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Students in Marlow High School’s art program had the opportunity to visit Missing Bristle, a pottery painting business on Main Street on Thursday. The activity, in which students each selected and glazed a mug to be fired, was part reward for the kids’ hard work with the recent MHS Art Auction and part educational opportunity.

“The activity was a way to introduce students to a local business that is art-related and perhaps plant a seed of interest for doing pottery in the future,” said MHS art teacher Arlyn Brantley. “Mr. Conway was very generous to allow us to come down and use his facility.”

Brantley said that due to the success of the art auction, students would have the opportunity to do more projects in the future. The auction raised nearly $12,000 for the MHS art department.

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