Outlaw Football Gearing Up for Season

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Marlow’s championship football program will be put through its paces again on Friday with a three-way scrimmage against Ada and Bridge Creek at Outlaw Stadium. The scrimmage begins at 6:30pm for the ninth-grade team and varsity team at 7:30pm. Admission is free; however, Marlow fans are asked to contribute Shout or Spray and Wash pre-treater or cases of bottled water for team use during the season.

Fans will also have the opportunity to buy a 2022-2023 Marlow Public Schools Athletic Season Pass at the scrimmage, which can be used at all middle school and high school regular-season athletic events throughout the school year.

Student (K-12) passes are $20.00, adult passes are $100 and family passes (up to two adults and their K-12 students) are $200. Marlow residents aged 62 and older can get a free pass for athletic events. Passes are not eligible for use during OSSAA playoff events.

In response to the OSSAA implementation of its new sportsmanship policy, Marlow Public Schools has updated the guidelines and spectator rules of conduct for the 2022-2023 season, including all athletic events.


In an effort to make all Marlow Public School athletic events safer, and more enjoyable for all spectators, the following guidelines have been put in place for home events:

1) State law and MPS District Policies are in effect regarding alcohol and tobacco products (including vapes/e-cigs) or other controlled substances.

2) No outside food or drinks (including personal insulated beverage containers) will be allowed for spectators.

3) Children should be under adult supervision at all times. They should remain seated unless going to the concession or restrooms. Running, horseplay, throwing of objects (including balls), etc. will not allowed.

4) Unsupervised children in elementary school or middle school will not be allowed entrance without the presence of a parent/guardian.

5) Service animals are welcome for those with physical disabilities. Emotional Support Animals or pets of any kind will not allowed.


By entering an MPS sports facility, spectators agree to the following rules of conduct and are

reminded of OSSAA Board Policy V concerning unsportsmanlike conduct at athletic events:

1) Inappropriate or obscene language and gestures will not be tolerated

2) No personal insults or negative comments will be directed to game officials or any MPS employee working the game (gate/concession/etc.)

3) Taunting/ridiculing of the opposing team or individual players is not allowed.

4) Spectators are not allowed on the field/court during the game.

Spectators further understand that failure to comply with the above rules may result in the offending individual(s) being ejected from the facility. Game officials and school district personnel are authorized to eject spectators from any event. Spectators who are ejected from the game will not receive a refund or may not be allowed to return for a period to be determined by Marlow Public Schools administration.