Popcorn Queen story goes viral for The Review

by Toni Hopper

In our previous edition, Oct. 27, we published a story about one of Marlow’s favorite people, Mrs. Glenda Ousley, written by Cricket Holland. This story came to our advertising director’s attention, thanks to Cricket and her dedication to the community of Marlow.

I, like many of you, remember Mrs. Ousley from my childhood. When Miranda mentioned the idea for a story, I said yes. Even better, knowing that Cricket would be the writer. And at the Marlow – Sulphur game, when Joe Ligon announced to a packed stadium to watch for a story on Mrs. Ousley in the upcoming paper, it was a grand moment to see a standing ovation for this generous woman who dedicates her time each year to making popcorn balls for Halloween. She was sitting in the stands and my only regret is that I wasn’t near enough to get a photo of her when this happened.

And as Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story – in your own words – faithful readers of The Marlow Review. We’re sharing a few of your comments on why everyone loves Mrs. Ousley, because a story that attracts over 8,000 views and readers, along with multiple shares, definitely deserves attention.

Mary Jane Ousley-Siebenthall – My mom is 85 years old, teaches pre-schoolers all day, every day, and every year makes 1,200 to 1,500 popcorn balls to hand out. “OMG”

Jaye Lynn McMahan – Love the article! My oldest was in her pre-K and of course, she was so good to me as we grew up, MJ (Mary Jane)! One thing missing in the article is her talent for yodeling! I remember her yodeling for us as she often drove us around. What an inspiration she is, and she certainly inspired me growing up.

Jenna Dupree – Her house was a must when my son was little. He is now 17 and still says “remember those amazing popcorn balls that lady handed out.” One year she even gave me one “for walking with the little guy.” Amazing!

Rhonda Downen Meyer – Glenda is truly one of a kind person. Gives all of herself to everyone who crosses her path. Is so kind-hearted and honest. Most amazing thing about her is she doesn’t see herself as anyone special but those of us who know her sure know different.

Stephen Jinks – My kids trick-or-treated when they were little, at her house and they also went to her preschool. I couldn’t really afford preschool for them, so she let me mow her yard to pay for it. Great memories. We thank her so much.

Mikayla Young – I remember trick-or-treating as a kid and we always had to get popcorn balls. They are amazing.

Darell Lewallen – That woman is so full of love it’s just spilling all over the place.

Terri Agee – Mrs. Ousley is a wonderful lady, always thinking of others.

Terrie Keck – I can’t say enough about this wonderful lady! I love you Mrs. Ousley.

Kathy Travis – Love this! She is such a great mentor for the people in Marlow. My boys were some of the first kids in her pre-school that she did in her home and she taught them so much to prepare them for school I will always be grateful for her. She is the best.

Glenda Holland Mahaffey – You cannot help but love this lovely lady. One remarkable lady.

Kelsey Martin-McCarley – Love this article! I remember going to help her while I lived just down the street when I was growing up.

Gloria Kerns – That story brings back a lot of memories of the Marlow, Oklahoma, I lived in as a child. I remember there was one house in particular we were always sure to hit early in our rounds of Trick or Treating. I don’t remember the name of the man who lived there, but he always gave each kid a nickel – a princely sum in the 1940s.

Phyllis B. Loveless Nichols – Yes, she’s the best on popcorn balls. Can’t believe she can make so many at a time.

Debbie Speck - Mrs. Ousley is just amazing. I do need her recipe though because no one is shipping them to me. (She inserted a laughing emoji).

Other wonderful comments ranged from “priceless memories” to “She’s a rock star!” and even, “Outlaw mom and grandma.” We also learned from your comments she makes “the best cinnamon rolls.”

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