Chamber Chatter: Idea of ‘Shop Local’ remains the same 92 years later

by Debbe Ridley

As you’ve strolled around town this week, have you noticed the wafting scent of hot apple cider, sugar cookies, and maybe even hints of gingerbread? Local merchants are making party plans! Get your walking shoes on and be ready to find bargains and hospitality this Saturday, and Sunday afternoon at our Marlow retailers’ annual Christmas open houses.

You can stay right here at home with our Marlow merchants to find bargains and unique gifts of every kind. No better time to enjoy the festive atmosphere and Christmas shop for unique presents while supporting our friends and neighbors! It’s a win-win!

It seems fitting in any year – in good times or not so good times– to share this holiday article! “BUY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS. The slogan ‘Do Your Christmas Shopping Early’ has a genuine importance this year. Usually it is merely a reminder that if you delay too long you run the risk of finding the things you want are ‘out of stock.’ This year it means that putting money into circulation now will hasten the return of ‘good times.’”

“Money passes from one person to another in exchange for commodities. Everybody, of course, must decide for himself what sort of commodities he is willing to take in exchange for his money. There are some things, the value of which is beyond question, which can be bought cheaper now than for several years. There are other commodities which only a few can afford in the best of times. In urging our readers to spend their money now we do not want to be understood as advocating foolish spending. But there are some things which everybody needs, and recognizes the need of, and if those are bought now by all who can by any possibility afford to buy anything at all, the fact that that money has been put into circulation again will hasten the day when more of us can afford to buy luxuries.”

Yes, this article appeared in November, but it was in a November 92 years ago. It was taken from an editorial of Editor and Publisher of The Marlow Review, Curtis M. Anthony, published on November 6, 1930 which were indeed the worst of times for many. It goes on to say:

“The first suggestion that has come from President Hoover’s Commission on Unemployment is the proposal of Col. Arthur Woods, at its head, that a great national campaign of repairing and painting be begun. There are few houses or other buildings that are not in need of either repair or paint. The money spend on such things is money well invested. If everybody who has been thinking of adding a bathroom or reshingling [sic] a roof, or putting a couple of coats of fresh paint on the house, or doing any of the other necessary things which must be done sometime, would do it now, that would help a lot toward making general business better.’

“Such a program would give immediate employment to workers in the building trades, it would mean added business for lumber and hardware merchants, and by putting more money into circulation would enable those who received it to buy more liberally from merchants in other lines. Buy now’ is not an invitation to reckless spending, but we believe it is sound advice to all who can spend anything at all.”

Today - in 2022 - when you spend those dollars that even today seem hard to earn and hard to keep, remember, plan to do your spending close to home. The dollars you spend with your friends and neighbors are the ones you can expect to see come back around to you in one form or fashion.

As the days and weeks of the 4th quarter pick up speed, a Marlow tradition will be here in ONE MONTH! The Chamber office phone has been receiving LOTS of calls about the December 3 Christmas parade. If you plan to enter the parade this year, please call the office (580-658-2212) to check for lineup information!

Wow! It’s time for Happy Thanksgiving greetings! I might as well include a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! And – why not add another wish for you? Sending you my very best for a Happy New Year, and a prosperous and happy 2023! --- Debbe Ridley