A Look Back

by Toni Hopper

We hope you enjoy our new feature, "A Look Back" which will focus on past events as reported in The Marlow Review. We've had fun taking a "backward glance" at our community, and we hope you will, too! These will be published regularly in our weekly printed newspaper.

This week's snapshot from The Marlow Review archives is from Nov. 20, 1997. Featuring veterans E.H. Howard and Chuck Dory, as they show elementary students, Megan Pierce and Autumn Pipkin, the proper way to handle and fold the American Flag. Delbert Arnold "Chuck" Dory, died at the age of 100, Feb. 15, 2021. He served three different times in the service, with tours in Korea and Japan. As for Mr. Howard, we are unsure if it is E.H. or W.H. Howard. If it is the latter, he entred the Army in September 1942, and went overseas in March 1943 to serve in the Philippines. The information was discovered in the book, "The Men and Women of Stephens County, World War II." We appreciate Glenda Duncan taking the time to share her book with us so we could research these two men. If you happen to have a copy of this book and would like to donate it to our newspaper, please contact editor, Toni Hopper at 580-658-6657, or email: news@marlowreview.com