Executive session regarding jail matters tops County Commissioners upcoming weekly meeting

by Toni Hopper

Stephens County Commissioners have a lengthy meeting planned for Monday, which includes a scheduled executive session that may or may not happen.

According to the agenda, the session is at the request of the District Attorney for the purposes of confidential communications with the District Attorney, the attorney for the Board of County Commissioners, concerning a pending investigation, claim and/or action as disclosure of the issue will seriously impair the ability of the Board of County Commissioners to conduct an investigation, litigation, or proceeding in the public interest. 19 O.S. 307 (B)(4).

The executive session also includes possible discussion of matters involving safety and security of inmates held within the Stephens County jail. 19 O.S. 307 (B)(9), and the session will be conducted to discuss issues with the safety and security of the Stephens County Jail and the operations therein. If items are approved, the board will return to open meeting and possibly discuss and take action on those items discussed in executive session.

Other agenda items include:

Discussion of the purchase of a pickup for the Emergency Management department and will possibly take action regarding said discussion.

An adoption of a resolution to reimburse the General Fund and direct the Stephens County Treasurer to deposit check #6029801 from in the amount of $160.00 from Amazon.com into the Election Board account of the General Fund described as 0001-1-2200-4110 (SL-3) for the purpose of issuing a credit for the return of old typewriters.

Possibly approve a Local Elected Official Consortium Agreement amongst the counties of Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Grady, Jefferson, McClain, Stephens, and Tillman, in conjunction with the lead cities of Chickasha, Duncan, and Lawton for the purpose of establishing a unified workforce development system throughout the South-Central Oklahoma Workforce Development Area according to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

A Cooperative Agreement for the purpose of making conservation works of improvement to diminish erosion and siltation of right-of-way between Dick Phillips and Stephens County. The County will remove trees and grade ditch for approximately ¼ mile along the north side of E/W 1790 in Section 35, Township 1 South, Range 7 West in District #3.

The commissioners will also perform the annual inspection of the Jail pursuant to 57 O.S. 1.1 and will discuss and possibly take action regarding the inspection.

Also scheduled for Monday’s meeting are the general items including approval of county utility permits if any, a Transfer of Appropriations within the General Fund, and a rental agreement for use of the fairgrounds and rooms at the fair center, as requested by Mike Queener for a Halliburton reunion event to be held in Territory Hall, April 29. Commissioner Russell Morgan also provides updates on the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center, and if any reports are available regarding the ARPA grant and projects for the county.