Central High's Art Show a Blue Ribbon Success

by Toni Hopper

More than 400 pieces of art created by 75 students were on display Saturday as Central High School District hosted its first art event, the “Art-Rageous Student Art Show.” Stacy Cooper organized the event and said students earned awards and monetary rewards for their art pieces.

“We raised $2,760, with the proceeds split equally, with half going to the students and half to the art program,” she said. “Numerous people came and bought the art.”

The school doesn’t have actual art classes in its curriculum, but they do have an after-school art program, and sometimes teachers allow for the youth to create art in class once a week.

Cooper said the entrance to the show was decorated with a collaborative art project by the first and second-grade classes. “The setting started with their first project of the year, with each exhibit showing their progression throughout the year.”

The student art was divided into categories and grade groups. Elementary categories were “Creations in Clay” “Whimsical Wonders” “Kaleidoscope of Colors” “Chalk It Up!” “Winter Wonderland” and “3-D Recycled Remnants.” There was also an “Oklahoma!” category and for the middle school and high school students, “Freestyle” “Oklahoma” and “Recycled Remnants.”

Judges for the show were Janet Loveless, Bettie Cooper and Cricket Holland. Loveless also donated one of her original, signed paintings for the silent auction. Monica McCarley was the winner of the painting.

Cooper also said the students will write thank you notes to their purchasers prior to receiving their sale money.

Ribbons were awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. They are listed below.

MS/HS Art Club Division winners:

Freestyle: Kary Ann King, 1st; Madalynn Beddoe, 2nd; LeeAnn Hale, 3rd.

OKLAHOMA!: Kyliegh McMahon, 1st; Ryder Ely, 2nd; Logan Navarro, 3rd.

Whimsical Wonders: Madalynn Beddoe, 1st; Kary Ann King, 2nd; Rheagan Slate, 2nd.

Elementary Division winners:

Whimsical Wonders: 1st-Kara Poplin, 1st; Jake Johnson, 2nd; Averie Severtson, 3rd.

Kaleidoscope of Colors: Justyce Shannon, 1st; Kristina Ortiz-Melo, 2nd; Jennie Johnson, 3rd.

OKLAHOMA!: Kindley Shepard, 1st; Addie Buzzard, 2nd; Railynn Eden, 3rd.

Recycled Remnants: Sadie Combs, 1st; Gio Barteau, 2nd; Jennie Johnson, 3rd.

Winter Wonderland: Gio Barteau, 1st; Colton Leonhart, 2nd; Railynn Eden, 3rd.

Chalk It Up! Rosalind Carrado, 1st; Jaxson Trimble, 2nd; Riley Gatewood, 3rd.

3-D Recycled Remnants: Ryan Kuhlman, 1st; Kristina Ortiz-Melo, 2nd; Mason Powell, 3rd.

Creations in Clay: Callen Hannington, 1st; Caleigh Johnson, 2nd; Evelyn Cruz, 3rd.

Student artists who participated in this year’s event were:

Middle School/High School Art Club: Madalynn Beddoe, Kary Ann King, Rheagan Slate, Kyliegh McMahon, Kinlee McCarley, Logan Navarro, Ryder Ely, LeeAnn Hale.

Third Grade Class 3-A: Julianna Bayones, Logan Bentley, Addie Buzzard, Riley Gatewood, Liam Hall, Cotton Jung, Rowdy Jung, Kruz McGough, Jake McReynolds, Aubrie Mellin, Alivia Missey, Nolan Ramey, Alex Rushing, Kendall Sherman and Ally Sparks.

Third Grade Class 3-B: Bryar Brown, Landry Brown, Stetson Carpenter, Jasmine Cruz, Liam Haggerty, Blake Hannington, Cain Hunt, Jennie Johnson, Blakely Melton, Zayne Pendergrass, Nickolas Perales, Delilah Roberts, Averie Severtson, Justyce Shannon and Grant Woods.

Fourth Grade Class 4-A: Gio Barteau, Ryleigh Buckner, Brayden Burton, Rosalind Carrado, Cinsen Hansen, Makenzie Key, Frederick Lawrance, Racyn McFarland, Tessa McGilvray, Leo McMasters, Juan Ortiz-Melo, Lucas Perry, Kara Poplin, Kindley Shepard, Hunter Stewart, Ava Stone and Michael White.

Fourth Grade Class 4-B: Louis Alvarez, Bella Burton, Sadie Combs, Bristol Downs, Railynn Eden, Graycie Farris, Drew Jackson, Colton Leonhart, Blakely Linthicum, Kalvary McCarley, Barren Miller, Ryleigh Oberst, Chase Ostema, Gage Parr, Jaxson Trimble and Avenmora Windham.

Fifth Grade: Brayton Brown, Peyton Brown, Evelyn Cruz, Callen Hannington, Kenleigh Henry, Jolee Jacobi, Caleigh Johnson, Jake Johnson, Ryan Kuhlman, Kristina Ortiz-Melo, Mason Powell and Bryce Sellers.

All Photos By Stacy Cooper