Home Country: Support Bull Riders

by Slim Randles

That thick old hide shifted beneath me as I got my handhold in the bull rope. I

watched his horns. Looking straight ahead in the chute. So far, so good. You know,

just like the jumper said as he passed the 26th floor.

And then you find yourself asking the big question: if I take a little more time

here in the chute to get set on him, will he start chute fighting?. Men have been

killed by bulls who fight in the chute.

The guys who have had this bull before say he behaves himself pretty well. He’s

known to spin to the right about one full jump out of the chute, but I think I can

handle that all right.

Okay, I’m as set as I’m going to be, so I nod my head and I hear the hinges of the

gate squeak as they swing open and I’m climbing. Going up, and when I get up

about as high as I should, I follow this horned monster down. Down to the right as

he starts his spin. I loosened just a bit on that first spin, but I hooked that left spur

and tried to make it back to where a bull rider belongs.

He just spun faster on the next jump and I tasted dirt without even having the

knowledge I’d been bucked off. The bull fighters had him busy with them and it

gave me time to get up and limp to the gate/

Let the next guy do it. Bull riding the way I do it works out pretty well. I’m safe

here in my recliner at home watching the television. Have my dog in my lap and a

cold one sitting on the stand next to me. My shirt isn’t even dirty. I’ve done it the

other way, a long time ago, and this is much better. And the best part is, my dog

doesn’t even know I bucked off.


Support professional bull riders. Heaven knows they can use the help. (877-


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